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Our areas of activity cover, including international matters, among counseling and representation in matters of civil law drafting a will, encompassing the area of company succession, assertion and defense in cease and desist actions, in competition matters as well as drafting terms of a contract. We represent international as well as small and medium-sized enterprises in a range from producing industries and internet mail order businesses to publishing entities and the area of medical supplies as well as private individuals. A direct and personal attention to our clients , who expect the utmost in our commitment and the quality of our advice and legal representation, is of importance to us.


The law firm was founded in 1985 by attorney at law Dr. Walter Figel who was succeeded by attorney at law Dr. Daniel Jenderek in 2010. Dr. Figel still is “of counsel” to the law firm. Attorney at law Dr. Christof Hörr joined the law firm in 2012 and attorney at law Dr. Vanessa Chong joined 2014. A great number of varying clients are represented in particular in the area of civil and commercial law, mercantile law and company law, decedent’s estate law (law of succession), intellectual property law, banking and capital markets law, arbitration law, landlord and tenant law, general terms and conditions of trade and business, individual and collective labor law, insolvency law, private international law and issues of debt enforcement. European and German Patent and Trademark attorney Dipl.-Ing. (MSc) K. Werner Blickle shares offices with the law firm since 2004. Attorney at law Volker von Rauch started to join offices with the law firm in 2012.